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Reimagining Cell Culture Automation

Stop worrying about cells. Just do science.

Our Mission

At CCA, our mission is to empower researchers and transform scientific discovery by alleviating the challenges of cell growth.


With d.Ali, we delegate the task, allowing scientists to focus on what truly matters – groundbreaking research.


Our commitment is to revolutionise laboratory workflows, enabling seamless scalability from individual users to large-scale manufacturing, and accelerating advancements in biotechnology.

Liquid Handling


Shaker Platform


Problem Statement

There exists a significant and unmet demand for accessing high-quality mammalian cells.
Manual cell culture methods often lead to variability in experimental outcomes, hindering research reliability.

Researchers struggle with tedious and error-prone tasks, limiting their ability to focus on critical analyses.

Scaling from research to large-scale production poses challenges, with complexities in maintaining consistent conditions and optimising workflows. d.Ali fixes that.

Introducing dAli

A state-of-the-art, comprehensive cell culture automation platform designed to streamline laboratory workflows for scientists. 


This cutting-edge robotic system empowers researchers to execute numerous experiments concurrently, employing advanced real-time optimization algorithms that dynamically adjust experimental parameters based on continuous health assessments facilitated by integrated microscopy.


Leveraging d.Ali's advanced capabilities, a spectrum of critical tasks including temperature regulation, CO2 modulation, humidity control, feeding schedules, seeding protocols, passaging procedures, and customised rocking configurations can all be meticulously automated to meet the unique specifications of each user. 


This pioneering solution marks a significant advancement in laboratory automation, enabling scientists to focus their expertise on higher-level aspects of their research while d.Ali manages the intricacies of experiment execution with unwavering precision.

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Engineering dAli

Cambridge - UK

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We are actively looking for commercial development partners who would like to test run our machine using their process. If you're interested in gaining competitive advantage through automating your cell culture process, get in touch to discuss our offer.

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